Surreal Estate

Over the last few months, property showrooms has been approached by a number of overseas estate agents asking them to list some really unusual properties. Although the company’s core business is selling investment properties on off-plan developments as well as overseas domestic properties, they didn’t flinch when asked to advertise a mountain for sale in Cyprus; the company even took in their stride a request to sell an entire hamlet in Spain.

A spokesman for the company said: “If faith can move mountains, I’m sure property showrooms can sell an enormous hill in Cyprus”.

Be it a mountain in Cyprus or an international airport in Poland, it would seem that if you have the money you can buy just about anything that takes your fancy. So keep buying those lottery tickets, after all, you never know, one day you could be the proud owner of a piece of prime surreal estate.

Here is a rundown of property showrooms current offbeat real estate:

An Uphill Task

Presenting a lovely pine covered mountain for sale in Cyprus. Only 25 minutes drive from the Cypriot capital, Nicosia. This piece of real estate would be ideal for anyone who wants to go up in the world… a social climber maybe. Furthermore, it has the potential for residential development and is close to existing ski resorts.

Home On The (Firing) Range

Fancy an ex-military village in Poland? The village has a capacity for over 1,000 families. There are 82.78 hectares of land, it has its own lake and features barrack style buildings. It could be a great investment for anyone who wants to be a soldier but can’t be bothered with all that army discipline nonsense….and if you like “shoot em up” games, forget your X-box or PlayStation…it comes with its very own firing range!

Animal Attraction

How about a 400 hectare game reserve and farm in South Africa? It comes with extensive accommodation for approximately 500 people. The wildlife includes 70 impala, 34 zebra, 6 kudu, 12 hartebeeste, 45 blesbok, 30 mountain reed buck, warthog, European boar, bushbuck, duiker, caracal, monkeys, baboons and porcupines. Just think about it, you could wander around all day pretending to be David Attenborough.

Be Lord Of All You Survey

Here’s a really cute Spanish hamlet near Baza, in Granada Province, Spain. It could be the perfect buy for someone with a very big family. An entire hamlet, complete with houses, bar, school, church and various outbuildings set in 250,000 square meters of land surrounded by the Baza National Park. This could be a great buy for anyone wanting a bit more control over their life. Imagine the luxury of being able to evict your neighbours for any reason whatsoever!

Bulgar Nights

This is the biggest nightclub on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, with a capacity for 6000 people and 2600sqm of floor area set on two levels. The property might suit someone with a big circle of friends and a penchant for boogying the night away. The nightclub is situated just 700 m from the beach; so if the dancing gets too much, you can nip out and soak your feet in the surf.

New Departures

Buy this airport in Poland and you will really know that you have arrived. Offers are invited for a Maximum 49% stake in this modern international airport. Only opened 3 years ago, it already needs to double its capacity. After you have bought the airport, you could always start your own airline company…Fly Disjointed Airways and arrive in several destinations at the same time!

Something To A-Spire To

This manor house in Portugal has its own chapel. It could be the answer to your prayers. Dating from 1932, according to the local estate agent:”In the chapel are many religious sculptures plus Saint Maria. Here the silence is stunning. This manor house and chapel is like a museum, in all corners of the house is something to see.”This large property could be run as a bed & breakfast, as it is near to the much visited Porto do Mos Nature Reserve. The property has plenty of room for your family and friends to congregate.

Healthy Profits?

Imagine owning your very own private hospital in Germany. No more queuing at the doctor’s surgery catching everyone else’s germs! The hospital has a total area of 1.024 m². It offers among other facilities, a physiotherapy department, a pharmacy and it even has a psychotherapy unit. It would be crazy to ignore this tempting business opportunity.