Searching For the Best Homes Internet Business? External Keywords Are Critical to Your Success!

When a prospective internet marketer first enters cyberspace, he quickly realizes things are different on the internet than on the street. There are no office signs, buildings, street traffic or any of the other things that accompany a business in the real world. It is, at first glance, a foreign and surreal world.

Any businessman’s first and most urgent decision, whether in cyberspace or the real world, is to create a link between himself and the buying public. The public has to know he exists and where to find him. In cyberspace this is accomplished by external and internal keywords.

Not only that everything an online marketer does revolves around keywords.

  • He finds his hottest and most lucrative markets using keywords.
  • He constructs and sells products to these markets based on keywords.
  • He judges his competition through the use of keywords.
  • He constructs his website and webpages through the use of keywords.
  • He bases his onsite and offsite articles on keywords.
  • His metatags are constructed from keywords.
  • He attracts Google and other search engines through the use of keywords.

In short, the internet marketer who doesn’t understand the central role of keywords is doomed.

He will construct websites that nobody will find or be interested in. His site will be an isolated island in cyberspace that nobody visits. And he will sit in isolation as rivers of cash flow all around him.

Can you imagine constructing a building for your business on a back street, with no sign and with no listing in the yellow pages. This is exactly what you would be doing by ignoring keywords.

What are keywords? Very simply keywords are the words or phrases which are typed into the search boxes of various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

When the search button is clicked on, Google then searches the internet for relevant articles relating to the keyword which was typed into their search box. Upon finding the appropriate content relating to the keyword, Google produces a results page.

  • On this results page will be paid ads in the right column.
  • There will be appropriate listing of websites, blogs article directories, forums etc which will have content related to the appropriate keyword.
  • The top listings on the left hand side if in light yellow will also be paid sites.
  • Listed under the paid sites and outside of the light yellow will be organic listings that are not paid.
  • And Google will list at the top right the number of results or websites which are competing for this keyword term as well.

The person who typed in the keyword query then has a lot of options from which to choose in order to satisfy his curiosity.

This visitor to the web, which typed in the keyword can be looking for information or searching for something to buy. He then selects one of the options on this results page, clicks on a link which then delivers him to the respective URL contained in the link. And “voila” if this URL happens to be you, congratulations, traffic and a potential customer has now arrived.

I hope you are beginning to grasp the potent power contained in keywords. Keywords are the store sign, yellow pages, newspaper ads and store location all rolled up into one.

Instead of getting into your car and driving to an address of a business you looked up in the phone book, by typing in a keyword, you are transported magically through cyberspace to the location of your choosing while sitting in front of your computer. This is magic!

And this, is also the rules of the game. Smart, creative internet entrepreneurs seized on this and thus began the 10 year evolution of modern internet marketing on the internet. These pioneers through trial and error have created powerful strategies which ensure online success through the use of keywords.

If you want the best home internet business then you must create it around external and internal keywords. If you do you will be edging closer to success on the internet.