Unique Businesses Will Stand Out From Their Competitors

Often in business, it is the unique qualities of the business that draw in the customers, rather than the product itself; it is indeed the unique businesses that will ‘beat their competitors to the punch’. This is clearly evident when some real ‘junky’ products sell like crazy simply because they are different or unique. Take the major Royal shows held in each State in Australia, each year. A giant baseball bat, a spinning circle that constantly changes colour, a huge rabbit that twitches its ears – these products would hardly be described as ‘fantastic’ – but they are unique because of their quirkiness.

The Oxford dictionary describes ‘unique’ as something ‘of which there is only one; unequalled; having no like, equal or parallel’. This definition does not work in quite the same way for business, as there is probably never one product or service that is not also offered by a competitor. Yet many business operators want to be considered as unique or different to their competitors. So, how do you make your business stand out in the crowd and be seen as unique?

First let’s look at what many people say they do that is unique and there are probably thousands of businesses that tell you “they have the same unique qualities.”
* Great customer service
* Value for money product
* Well made/manufactured product
* Speedy service and delivery
* Caring approach
* Exemplary customer service

Mmmmm – how can these qualities be unique when so many businesses do the same thing?

Now, let’s consider another definition of ‘Unique’ – it is also known as ‘surrealism’ and it generally means ‘putting two or more unrelated objects together in an unrelated manner’. Salvador Dali was one well known artist who excelled at this. You most likely have seen his art work where clock faces are melting, or giraffe’s necks are in flames or a person is on an operating table with an umbrella beside them. These images are most definitely unique and different to any other paintings – after all, who would think of such weird things!

As a business owner, your task is to capture this unique concept in your own business. Let me give you an example of a truly unique business. When you take your dog to be groomed you expect it to be well looked after, not injured in any way, to be cared for in a kindly (if not loving) manner and to come back to you looking tons better than when you left it.

Now most dog groomers would tell you they do this and in fact, do deliver what they say and what you want. So what could they do to be unique and grab the attention of even more prospective clients?

There is a dog grooming salon in Melbourne that has some pretty exceptional things happening. First of all, they regularly attend Pet Fairs and are constantly seen by both their competitors, suppliers and pet lovers. They have developed their brand well and often appears in newspaper articles – they is seen as an expert.

OK – that is not what makes them unique though, as many business owners do the same thing.

But how many dog groomers do you know who provide an electronic massage chair for owners who may be waiting to pick their dog up (are you likely to complain if the groomers are running a little late?)

As most dog owners think of their dog as their ‘special baby’ they are often concerned about how their loved one is handling strangers grooming them. So the Dog groomers installed a closed circuit TV screen so that you can be watching your dog during the grooming process – bet you don’t give your dog as much attention and care as the groomer is now doing!

And if you really want to pamper your dog, you can get a mud pack session for him (all the rage in Japan). Each dog owner gets a gift when they regularly bring their dog for a grooming session. And if you just want to be crazy, your dog can have sections of their hair spray painted to match your outfit when you are out walking him!

Is it any wonder that dogs are just begging their owners to take them to this dog grooming salon? Boy – is this salon unique! Is your business truly unique? Put on your thinking cap and see what else you can offer that your clients may appreciate and that your competitors don’t offer.

Highlight Your Business With the Brightest in Commercial Lighting

To have great products or services is all well and good however if nobody enters your place of business to inquire about or employ your services you’ll quickly find yourself out of business. It’s also a good bet that there is another business whose services and products are very similar to yours. Furthermore businesses similar to yours may have been in the area longer and will therefore have established repeat business. A business located in an area that’s full of activity must do something to draw attention to itself, something that will help it stand out amid the other businesses residing in the same region.

One way to accomplish such a thing is to apply classy decor to the exterior of your business. Things like color, signs, and objects can lure people in off the street and into your business. In addition to these effects a business owner can implement commercial lights into his/her exterior and interior decor.

Commercial lights placed on the outside of a business are almost always eye catching and if nothing else will get passerby’s to read your sign. If commercial lights are used creatively however there’s a very good chance that people will not only read your sign but will venture through your door. The same can be said about interior commercial lights. If the lighting inside your place of business is used to create a specific or surreal mood people on the street will often stop inside to take a closer look at the lights they see through your window.

Of course once these would be customers enter your store your interior must impress them as well. A layout that is conducive to free moving traffic is always beneficial as it will keep those in your store from feeling crowded or stuffy. Allowing customers easy access to your best products is also a good idea. In business like all other aspects of life you should be putting your best foot forward. Once a customer enters your store the time for teasing is over. Show them your best and make it hard for them to ignore it from the moment they walk through your door. Commercial lighting will help you do just that.

Though there are a large number of things that a business owner must do the aforementioned are basics that if done with careful and creative planning can help a business, especially a new business stand out amongst the crowd. Drawing attention to a business with Commercial lighting is the first ingredient in the recipe for success. Keeping things simple yet imaginative can really help your business hit the ground running.

Bangkok Hotels – A Surreal Experience

A visit to Bangkok is often described by many as a surreal experience, especially when one enjoyed a comfortable stay in one of the exuberant hotels in Bangkok. The splendour of the city lies in the fact that this financial hub of south-east Asia, which has also earned the reputation of being one of the best tourist destinations in the world, has hotels which cater to the needs and budgets of everyone.

Whether you are visiting Bangkok on a business trip or have plans to spend your holidays there, this mesmerizing city has plenty of attractions which have the potential of making your trip an unforgettable experience for you. And staying in a good hotel, within your budget, is only going to enrich your experience to the maximum.

If one’s budget is not constrained, and if one is bent upon indulging in one of the most luxurious stays, then it is best to book one’s accommodation in a five star hotel in Bangkok. One can also choose from a wide array of four, three or two star hotels which offer equally comfortable and high-spirited stays. Most of the star hotels in Bangkok like Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok, Conrad Hotel, Grand Hyatt Erewan, Four Seasons and InterContinental Bangkok, match the best hotels in the world, in terms of services or facilities. And if you are one of those who want nothing but the best then, hotels like, The Oriental Bangkok or The Peninsula Bangkok would best suit your needs and style, as they head the list of luxurious hotels in Bangkok.

Most of the luxurious hotels can be found along the banks of River, Chao Phraya. It would not be an exaggeration to call the Riverside area as the time-honoured area of city where the spirit of the city originally lies, and hence the hotels in this area have so much to offer to their visitors in terms of captivating and charming sights. The Riverside, with its clean and serene surroundings, is well connected with other important areas of the city through ‘Saphan Taksin’ which is a key Skytrain terminus. This area is often considered as the traditional spirit of the city and it has lots to offer to the visitors in terms of picture perfect sceneries. Some of the star hotels can also be found in major areas like Silom, Siam Square, Sukhumwit, Surawong, Phloenchit and Ratchadaphisek. One night stay in any of the star luxury hotels costs 2500 baht onwards.

In Bangkok, one can find the mid-class hotels in plenty. Most of the mid-class hotels in Bangkok are very decent and provide all the important facilities and services essential for a comfortable stay. Some of the most well-known mid-range hotels in Bangkok are Chaleena Princess Hotel Bangkok and Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit. One can also choose to stay in 13 Coins Airport Grand which is a resort with optimum charges. Although these mid range hotels are distributed all over Bangkok, it would not be wrong to say that most of the mid range hotels are concentrated around areas like Silom, Sukhumwit, Surawong and Phloenchit. Most of the mid range hotels are reasonably priced in the range of 750 to 2000 baht per night.

Bangkok is one of the very few capital cities, which has budget hotels distributed profusely over the entire city, and which provide all basic amenities at a very low cost of 50 baht to 750 baht. Travellers looking for budget accommodations can try reasonably priced hotels like Bangkok city Inn Hotel, Diamond City Hotel, Manohra Hotel, Royal Pacific Hotel or Samran Place Hotel. Bangkok also surprises the travellers with the location of these budget hotels, which can be found almost adjacent to the star and luxury hotels. It is in complete contrast with the West where budget hotels cannot be found in the central locations. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Bangkok is one city which allows the budget travellers to enjoy and have fun to the maximum.

If you are one of those fashion conscious people who love to enjoy the nightlife, then it would be best to stay in a hotel at a central location in Bangkok like Silom, Suriwongse Road, Sukhumvit or the Soi Cowboy area. It will not only keep you in close proximity with the hustle and bustle of the city, but will also enrich your nightlife experience. If shopping is your weakness, then you can try staying in Siam Square area which is quite reputed for fun shopping. This area is quite close to Mahboonkrong (MBK) shopping mall. Both these areas can be reached through the Skytrain routes. But if visiting other parts of Thailand is your priority over holidaying in Bangkok, then it is highly recommended that you determine on a hotel near Bangkok Airport.

Any discussion on the hotels in Bangkok would be incomplete without the mention of Khao San Road which is also considered as “the centre of the backpacking universe”. This area is the undisputed favourite of the budget backpackers visiting Thailand and South East Asia. Though this area lags behind in providing connectivity to other major areas of the city, but it is still considered as the best area to stay in, if one wants to enjoy the conventional and ascetic charms of the city.