Taking a Break Helps Grow the Business

A Relaxing Trip Down To The South Coast

My partner and I drove 2 hours south into a small town called Gerringong. It was a quaint little town that had a population of around 4,000 people and the neighboring town of Gerroa had about 500 people. (The reason why I knew this, was I could remember a sign that said “Welcome to Gerroa. Population: 500 people”)

I think we were also the only Asian couple in town, so we really stood out when we walked down the street to buy food. From experience I love coming to these quiet towns because the pace of life is much slower and it allows me to wind back. We made sure that we also visited different places and checked out the lovely scenery.

For the first day when we drove down the coast we stopped over at the following places: Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley and Berry. Overall the whole journey took around 4 hours before we arrived at Gerringong. We took some amazing photos and amongst the cold it was well worth the time to stop over.

On the second day we drove down to Jarvis Bay and went on a whale watch cruise that took us out into the ocean. It was surreal seeing these whales and along the way we also saw some penguins and dolphins, which were not included in the package but it couldn’t be helped that they were there as well. We were very fortunate to see 8 whales all in a pack that were swimming in the same direction as us. Here are some photos of two whales that came up at the same time.

For the third day we decided to have brunch at Berry and tried their famous pies and pastries. If you get a chance to visit Berry, there is a big bakery on their main strip which has had Jackie O (from 2DayFM) and other famous celebrities visit and sign their bakery wall. In the afternoon we drove to the seven mile beach which spans over seven miles along that south coast. It was beautiful and very peaceful allowing us to sit by the water listening to the waves crash.

Time To Think And Let The Business Grow

The trip down the coast was fantastic and a great time to take a break from the business. It allowed me to spend time with my partner and also reflect on life seeing how lucky I am. What I have noticed in my life is whenever I take time out to go away things start to happen and the business grows (around 200% increase in sales last week). Interestingly the same thing happened when I took a holiday to Malaysia last year for 2 weeks and coming back I had more business coming in than I expected. It makes me wonder if I should be taking a break every week? These are some of the things that I attribute to the growth of the business:

Having Virtual Assistants (V.A) To Handle All Customer Support
I am so grateful that I have found reliable staff who handles all the customer support for me. Also having a team of core people such as virtual assistants, programmers and book keeper allows the business to continue to grow and run without my presence being there. The first thing I would recommend anyone do for their business is to outsource their customer support such as emails, phone calls, and day to day administration. It is not a core focus in my opinion for any business and should free your time. Read how to find a virtual assistant to help you manage your business.

A System To Continue The Flow Of Work
Technology should do wonders for you business from accepting payments automatically to managing your team via a project management system. In my own business I use the online tools available to me to have everything automated as much as possible. One tool that I frequently use is Google Apps, which is free and has email, document storage, calendar and even a chat system available. This should provide any business with the necessary tools to systemise your processes. One other tool I recommend is to use Paypal for accepting your payments as it can be automated and easily setup by any web developer for your business.

Business Planning And Strategy
The most important part of any successful business is being able to continually plan and strategise. It’s great that we can all take action and have our staff to do the work for us, but what able getting them to work smart for you? During my break I took sometime to sit by the window looking out to the beautiful ocean. I wrote down in my notepad the goals and plans for my business that will happen in the next 6, 12 and 18 months. I had no distractions, just the water view and me. It’s something I would do again and recommend others to do weekly. Remember to take time out, at least one day a week to review, plan and strategise for your business.

Lastly not to mention, I was able to enjoy the week away and stay in a comfortable hotel room at the Sebel.

The New Business Nightmare

It seemed, like so many things do at the time they are, ahem, conceived of, like such a good idea. ‘I’ll work at home. With gasoline prices rising, it will be cheaper in the long run.’ You tell yourself and your spouse and anyone who will hold still long enough to listen to you. Do you remember that euphoric rush you got when you announced the decision you’d been agonizing over?

Days, weeks, yes, even months have passed and you’ve still not made your first sale, this is the time that the nightmares come.

#1: Not having read the statistics on web banners, you sink your entire advertising budget in 10,000 banner ads for the bargain price of 19.99. Banner ads are great later when you are trying to build name recognition, but for start-up, you just blew your precious ad budget, (the click through ratio for banner ads is pretty low compared to the number of impressions shown). You have the makings of a New Business Nightmare on your hands. Lack of information can be cured, but it can be very costly initially.

#2: Or what about this one? You’ve spent three straight days designing a beautiful website, articles, resources and hundred of links spread over say a dozen pages, you upload everything and start your advertising up and go to bed. First thing in the morning, before you even brush your teeth, you run to your computer to check your stats. What’s this you ask? All of your hard earned credits are gone, but no one clicked anything but the homepage. You open the page in a browser and sure enough, you’ve forgotten to add navigation links. Another nightmare, but don’t despair, you can add the links and start clicking again to surf up enough credits to start your campaign again. Never again will you forget to test your website before you advertise it.

#3: Some nightmares aren’t very frightening at all; they’re surreal dreams full of soft mist and ordinary minutia. Once you stopped getting up to go to work each day, you might find that you’re body feels more tired at first. It’s easy to put off writing an article or pushing your surfing time back an hour or two, but without a consistent framework many people find themselves floundering, unable to complete any task because for the first time in their adult lives they are entirely in charge of their own time and they don’t know how to organize it. If you were prone to procrastinate in your 9-5 job, you will find that your habits aren’t much better when you’re working for yourself, only this time, you are the one to pay for it. Time management skills allow people to work from home and still commit to a routine. A business that is run in a hit or miss fashion will perform in a similar fashion.

#4: For many, the worst nightmare of all is the fear of failing. Starting a new business demands a huge personal investment. You spend hours planning, developing, testing and finally advertising your program or product and are crushed by the lack of response. Day after day you advertise and still no one buys, you must have failed somewhere, right? Wrong. You may be doing everything just right, but the market goes soft. Tell your mom you’ll be staying in her basement for another month and start working on your next idea. Shoestring businesses open and close on the Internet in record time; some last less than a day. Don’t let the fear of, or even actual failure frighten you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go back to the drawing board and most importantly, don’t waste time beating yourself up about it. Fix whatever went wrong and try again.

When your nightmare raises it’s ugly head, look it right in the eye and spit! No one makes it through life without some bumps and bruises and a business has a life-cycle of it’s own. Learn from your mistakes, organize yourself and your time to get the most benefit for your new business and don’t be afraid to fail. The only way the nightmare can come true is if you give up and quit.

10 Things You Should Know About How To Start an Internet Business

With a recession supposedly just over the horizon, there is going to be a mass scare for the masses, and there will be a surge in the number of people looking for information on how to start an internet business. This will provide an opportunity for many of the already established marketers to take people by the hand and teach them the “way”…

However, starting an internet business isn’t as simple as getting laid off, downloading a few ebooks, then “going to town” on some program and making a full time income in just a few weeks.

There are plenty of internet business scams out there and what’s going to happen is basically more of the same:

Some will make it, and remain full time marketers for the rest of their life.

Most will not make it past the first month.

Many will try and make the same mistakes everyone else makes.

Here are 10 things you should know about how to start an Internet Business

1- It’s not easy to start a business properly, even one on the internet.

2- Starting an internet business is easier to start than an offline business, which is a drawback in and of itself

3- The ease in which people can start an Internet business adds to the surreal attraction of the “overnight internet riches” fallacies. So, the most beneficial thing about starting an Internet Business can also be the most harmful for beginners because they’re led astray right from the beginning, and are “told” that it’s easy, instant , and plenty of free time will be had by all.

4- You can’t be a lone wolf and get far.

You need to associate yourself with like-minded people, people just like you who are trying to make a successful online business for themselves. This means networking and taking part in discussion groups, A.K.A. forums, especially marketing forums.

5- You need advice from someone more knowledgeable than you.

To be truly successful with your business, the only shortcut worth taking is getting a mentor or coach. They can cost a bundle but the time and money saved via following good advice is usually well worth the investment, IF the right mentor is acquired.

6- Treat this like a business and a job, always.

Making money online is fun, and sort of a lark until you realize it’s time to feed your family, pay the bills, and you can’t just do whatever you want, when you want… You will get stressed out, ticked-off, and be forced to break through some comfort zones. Remember, this isn’t fantasy-land here, this is a self-made business and all aspects of it are riding on your shoulders. It’s up to you to make sure the money keeps coming in on a regular basis. It’s not all fun and games and watching PayPal balances pile up. It’s a job like any other, with less of a commute but with more responsibility heaped upon your shoulders than ever before.

7- Focus on self-development and self-improvement, always.

Remember, you may never have run a business before and you’re going to need to grow in a lot of ways for a long, long time to become worthy of running a multi-million dollar business, or even a 6-figure annual business.

8- Do not lie down with dogs! Or you will come up with fleas

  • Do not associate with never-gonna-succeed losers that waste your time.
  • Do not waste time with customers that waste your time.
  • Network with successful people who are already successful big-time with their businesses.
  • Invoke some sort of Law Of Attraction strategies into your daily life by associating your self with successful people and do not waste a moment of your time, ever

9- Value your time, abhor distractions, even from family members and friends that see you home all day “doing nothing”.

The 10 seconds it take you to read this second of this post you will never get back, ever. It’s gone, poof! kaput!

How was the last 10 seconds for you? Was this worth reading, did you learn something I hope? Good…

Watch out for anything at all that wastes your time. One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself as a full time marketer is to “pretend” I had an office I had to be at by a certain time every day. You’d be amazed at how many times I was hours late getting to my office 20 feet away down the hall in my home. Working for yourself, you can become pretty un-disciplined, so you need to establish some sort of ritual to make yourself productive.

Avoiding distractions is one thing, getting yourself to be productive is another.

10- I/L= FTI + PSB. This formula is the most important lesson of all

CHOOSE Implementation over Learning (all the time) and you will have a Full Time Income because you will also have a Productive Stable Business

  • I KNOW what makes people successful… Implementation of proven strategies
  • I KNOW what makes people fail… wasting time and learning all the time, with NO implementation

Once I realized these truisms I created Marketer’s Relief. Looking back on things I didn’t realized what I had created until long after the site was up and running. Marketer’s Relief is a site that teaches you how to start an internet business and the focus is on implementation mostly, with some strategies thrown in.

The implementation part is taken care of the best way possible, via internet marketing videos, step-by-step video tutorials that show you exactly how to implement the necessary strategies for setting up your business.

There’s a danger here though. The #1 Marketing Lesson is to sell stuff people want to buy. The majority of people want to buy some sort of magic pill that will do wonders for them or just feel good knowing they bought a kick-butt ebook and if they ever decided to “really” get serious about starting their internet business, then they’ll fell happy knowing they bought a good guide for doing it once they muster up the energy to do it. However, most don’t implement anything, and most will fail, and most ebooks will gather digital dust

So, what’s the danger in Marketer’s Relief teaching people what they need and not just what they want? The answer to that lies in the percentage of people that will succeed and fail when the next wave of want to-be internet marketers that hits the “IM Game”. Some people want this full time internet income badly enough that they’re ready for hard work and reality. The rest can wait until their unemployment checks run out, then panic, or fall for shady internet scams until they’re in a big jam they can’t get out of.