Business Advice, Personal Advice – Where Do I Go?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck, while some people seem to always struggle? Everyone knows someone who is always needing a helping hand. No matter how much you try to help them out, they always end up in the same place they were before help arrived. Have you ever looked at who their friends were? Who are they going to to get advice from? I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about this and he told me something that just made the truth of what he said so surreal. He told me, and I quote “Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.” Now I know there are some people out there who might argue this little nugget of knowledge, but for argument sake lets explore that saying for just a minute.

When you are in a situation where you are searching for advice, Who do you go to? Is it someone who looks at both sides of the coin or someone who will side with you even if you are in the wrong. In my own experience, I have been told I was wrong about a situation I was in or the way I was dealing with it. I may not have liked the fact that they didn’t side with me but I’m glad they were honest with me. Does the person whom you went to have issues of their own? Are they struggling financially? Do they always seem to be dealing with the same thing over and over again. I don’t know about you, But if I’m going for advice I want to go to someone who has their house in order. If you know what I mean. If you are trying to make a change in your life, Why would you go to someone who is in worse shape than you? That wouldn’t make sense.

So with that thought in mind, Lets turn that thought over to having your own business.

In business you want to learn from the best right? You want your “Go to guy” to be someone who is knowledgeable in the field they are in. Or at the very least they are with an organization or business that has a lot of support and education to teach you what are trying to learn. You also want someone who you can contact and talk to. How many times have you got the run-around with a phone call. Nobody wants to deal with your problems so you constantly get transferred to someone else. This is not how business should be taken care of.

Now if you are in business for yourself, you need the same thing. You need a “go to guy”. Even if you are an authority with the business you are running, you still need advice from time to time. So who do you go to? I have learned over the years to find positive people who has a great outlook on life. They are happy with their life and love to help others get to the place in their life that they are searching for. Lets face it, I may be an authority at certain aspects of my business but have a weakness in other areas. So Its nice to have people who are willing to help you out.

So here comes the moment of truth

I’ve told you the type of people I go to for advice. I’ve discussed the type of people you probably search out for advice. So let me ask you a moment of truth question. Are you the type of person that others come to for advice? Do people value what you have to say? Do you tell them what they want to hear just to keep them as a friend? When you do give someone else advice, Is it advice that makes them want to act out in revenge towards someone else? That’s not healthy. Keeping a positive attitude and realizing that their are two sides to every coin is how I combat every situation I’m in. Realizing that the only way I can truly help them is to consider what they are saying and never being quick to judge the situation before processing what I have just heard. There has even been times that I have been listening to a friend tell me whats going on in their life and asked for advice and I’ve had to tell them to let me think about it and get back to them with my thoughts.

One more thing to consider when helping someone out. I have went to people for advice about a situation and they have acted like their way was the only way. If I decided to choose another way, I would get the “I told you so” reply if my decision was the wrong one. Dont be like that towards other people. When someone comes to me for advice either about business or personal I tell them what I think, then give them my suggestions. I may even tell them what happened in my life through a similar situation. But always remember that all you are trying to do is help them with YOUR advice, wisdom, and suggestions. It doesn’t mean that your way must be followed.

The Surreal Experience Offered by Bonaire Vacations

Bonaire vacations are heavenly. Having the opportunity to get away from the busy streets, the hustle and bustle of the everyday urban living, and spend days watching the sun set on the beautiful Caribbean sea is almost surreal. With all of the pollution and chaos happening in the city, one would never guess that such a place still exists.

Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean and is one of the world’s foremost ecological treasures. Thanks to the island’s diligent stewardship of its marine resources, Bonaire has consistently ranked as one of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving destinations over the last two decades. Since 1979, all of the waters off Bonaire’s coast have been legally protected by being declared a marine park.

Aside from snorkeling and scuba diving, the unusual trade winds of the island create ideal conditions for world-class windsurfing, while sea kayaking and sailing are also included in some of the water sports that anyone can enjoy on the island.

Additionally, visitors of Bonaire will be delighted to know that the activities on the island are not only confined to the sea. The beauty of its sere semi-desert landscape is home to some of the most exquisite wildlife on the planet, and its diverse ecology is perfect for extraordinary nature tours that may be enjoyed through the “kunuku” or outback. Also, the island has almost two hundred species of birds including their signature bird, the pink flamingo, that visitors are often mesmerized by.

Bonaire vacations are always exciting, breathtaking, and result in a great escape.

Unique Businesses Will Stand Out From Their Competitors

Often in business, it is the unique qualities of the business that draw in the customers, rather than the product itself; it is indeed the unique businesses that will ‘beat their competitors to the punch’. This is clearly evident when some real ‘junky’ products sell like crazy simply because they are different or unique. Take the major Royal shows held in each State in Australia, each year. A giant baseball bat, a spinning circle that constantly changes colour, a huge rabbit that twitches its ears – these products would hardly be described as ‘fantastic’ – but they are unique because of their quirkiness.

The Oxford dictionary describes ‘unique’ as something ‘of which there is only one; unequalled; having no like, equal or parallel’. This definition does not work in quite the same way for business, as there is probably never one product or service that is not also offered by a competitor. Yet many business operators want to be considered as unique or different to their competitors. So, how do you make your business stand out in the crowd and be seen as unique?

First let’s look at what many people say they do that is unique and there are probably thousands of businesses that tell you “they have the same unique qualities.”
* Great customer service
* Value for money product
* Well made/manufactured product
* Speedy service and delivery
* Caring approach
* Exemplary customer service

Mmmmm – how can these qualities be unique when so many businesses do the same thing?

Now, let’s consider another definition of ‘Unique’ – it is also known as ‘surrealism’ and it generally means ‘putting two or more unrelated objects together in an unrelated manner’. Salvador Dali was one well known artist who excelled at this. You most likely have seen his art work where clock faces are melting, or giraffe’s necks are in flames or a person is on an operating table with an umbrella beside them. These images are most definitely unique and different to any other paintings – after all, who would think of such weird things!

As a business owner, your task is to capture this unique concept in your own business. Let me give you an example of a truly unique business. When you take your dog to be groomed you expect it to be well looked after, not injured in any way, to be cared for in a kindly (if not loving) manner and to come back to you looking tons better than when you left it.

Now most dog groomers would tell you they do this and in fact, do deliver what they say and what you want. So what could they do to be unique and grab the attention of even more prospective clients?

There is a dog grooming salon in Melbourne that has some pretty exceptional things happening. First of all, they regularly attend Pet Fairs and are constantly seen by both their competitors, suppliers and pet lovers. They have developed their brand well and often appears in newspaper articles – they is seen as an expert.

OK – that is not what makes them unique though, as many business owners do the same thing.

But how many dog groomers do you know who provide an electronic massage chair for owners who may be waiting to pick their dog up (are you likely to complain if the groomers are running a little late?)

As most dog owners think of their dog as their ‘special baby’ they are often concerned about how their loved one is handling strangers grooming them. So the Dog groomers installed a closed circuit TV screen so that you can be watching your dog during the grooming process – bet you don’t give your dog as much attention and care as the groomer is now doing!

And if you really want to pamper your dog, you can get a mud pack session for him (all the rage in Japan). Each dog owner gets a gift when they regularly bring their dog for a grooming session. And if you just want to be crazy, your dog can have sections of their hair spray painted to match your outfit when you are out walking him!

Is it any wonder that dogs are just begging their owners to take them to this dog grooming salon? Boy – is this salon unique! Is your business truly unique? Put on your thinking cap and see what else you can offer that your clients may appreciate and that your competitors don’t offer.